About Us
The ground's generosity takes in our compost and
grows beauty! Try to be more like the ground.
~ Rumi
The Red Dog is a project of designer Philippe Bousquet and social activist Carrie Pratt. It was born out of a belief that a passion for living lightly on the planet is not about making do or giving up or going without. Rather it is about rediscovering the beauty of the world. In the people you encounter. In the planet you live on. In the seemingly ordinary objects that surround you.

The Red Dog merges our love of design with our desire to live more consciously and carefully on the planet. We are committed to creating designs which are kind to the environment. Designs that are honest. Designs that are playful. Designs that highlight the beauty in materials that are often overlooked and undervalued.

Philippe Bousquet is a qualified architect who transitioned into the world of art and design in 1997. Affiliated to the Southern Guild, he has exhibited with them at the Johannesburg Art Fair, the Everhard Read Gallery, the Foundry in Cape Town and Design Days Dubai. He has shown his work at the Design Indaba, the Food, Wine and Design Show and the Bell Roberts Gallery, and his lights have been sold in Anthropologie stores across the United States.
Philippe began his career as an artist working with precious metals and materials. After moving to South Africa in 2004, he became increasingly aware of the negative effects of mining on people, communities and the environment. Out of a desire to create beautiful objects without causing harm, he began to experiment with found objects and scrap metal.

He built his first light out of scrap metal in 2008 and the range sold out at the Design Indaba. Since then, he has expanded to use other waste materials – mainly wood and plastic – and to breathing new life into old and abandoned items that others have consigned to the dustbin.

Carrie Pratt has been involved in community development work for over 20 years and is passionately committed to making a positive difference in South Africa. She believes that the choices we make – on a daily basis – impact the world; and that the choices we make to impact positively on those around us are the ones that make us feel most alive and energised and that give our life its meaning.